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St James' is a church where Jesus is central, the Bible is our guide and every person is important


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THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND ... the Home Page of the English Church, with links all over the world from there.

YORK MINSTER . . . a superb site . . and one that befits the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. Their site has had over 100,000 visitors already! There's lots to look at.

The Diocese of York . . . links to the 22 Deaneries . . . . another excellent site . . with links also to many Holderness churches; 1.4 million people live in the 2,661 square miles of the Diocese of York. They are served by 605 churches grouped into 475 parishes. The parishes are grouped into 22 deaneries, which in turn form three archdeaconries. Further information on each deanery or archdeaconry is available searching the pages in this weblink.

THE CHURCH TIMES . . . their information page says: "The Church Times, founded in 1863, has become the world's leading Anglican weekly newspaper.

BEVERLEY MINSTER . . . dating from 1220, is also well worth a visit; another major Yorkshire church with lots of links both to its history and the work of the church as it serves the needs of some 17,000 people in and around the historic market town of Beverley.

HOWDEN MINSTER . . . in the Diocese of York, another good interactive site; serves many local churches; Howden Minster, Elloughton, North & South Cave, Newport, Eastrington, Barmby, Brantingham, Brough, & Welton.

ST PETER'S ~ Wawne ... one of our sister churches, just 3 miles away, to which Sutton folk historically have strong family links going back over 600 years and longer to a time when St James' was merely a chapelry of St Peter's.

ST ANDREW'S ~ Sutton Park, Hull ... a relatively new and modern church of the 1960s serving one of Hull's newer housing areas, with whom St James' maintains close links.

ST JOHN'S ~ Bransholme ... another a newer church serving a large housing area in what was formerly only a farming community between Sutton and Wawne and part of the historical St James' parish, and with whom we also have close links.

SUTTON METHODIST CHURCH ~ our sister church within the village, along Church St to the east.

ST COLUMBA'S ~ Holderness Road . . . our sister parish to the south east, St Columba's is based on east side of the city of Kingston Upon Hull in the area of East Yorkshire, UK. St Columba's is part of the Drypool Parish Group Ministry.

ST JOHN'S ~ Newland . . . very informative site, incredibly easy to navigate, with lots and lots of information, and a smiling host of people to welcome you.

ST MARY'S ~ Cottingham . . . our sister village. An impressive site, both for design and content . . lovely atmosphere. Links to masses of information on the village, a really warm and active community.

ST AUGUSTINE'S ~ Hedon . . . an informative site on this historic town, with many pictures of the area.

ST PATRICK'S ~ Patrington . . . on their own new website, with a lovely photo gallery.

ALL SAINTS ~ Hessle . . . a comprehensive site with links and lots of photos of events through the year.

East Yorkshire Churches Historic Trust Website ... set up in 2004/5 to encourage a greater appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of the churches in the area.

ST MARY'S ~ in the borough of ISLINGTON, LONDON . . is one of the Church of England's most historic parishes.  St Mary's stands at the heart of Islington. In fact, Islington began right here, where we are. For around a thousand years, our church community has served this neighbourhood. We've seen dark times - plague, fire, persecutions and war. But we've always trusted in God and we're still here, working with others to help the people of Islington.

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