St James' Church  ~  Sutton-on-Hull

St James' is a church where Jesus is central, the Bible is our guide and every person is important

A Simplified Map

Visitors should note that there is an enforceable

20 mph speed limit throughout the village;

that is most of Church St, from both ends,

College St, and Lowgate -

and most side streets, closes, etc.

BE WARNED ... Folks better start heeding this ...

else it is going to cost you, and I don't mean just money.

Visitors who do not know this village and who are

visiting for weddings, baptisms, etc,

should also note that this simplified map shows

Church Street considerably straightened;

BUT .. it is not straight, and nor is it wide.

Between the War Memorial and the top of

College Street there is quite a marked

narrowing of the street, along with a 

20-degree bend, along which there are

parking restrictions on both sides.

Emergency vehicles, buses and lorries, frequently

have great difficulty passing through here.

Mirrors are frequent casualties; don't chance it!

Your mirrors may become the least of your worries!

There are no yellow lines behind that white car

in pic on right ... but you park there at great risk.

A great  number of 'local folk' take no heed of any of this, and you are just as likely to meet one at 30mph even

on the double bends in the middle of the village -


Just Watch out!

Best advice is to get here early to get parked. 

There is a public free car park alongside the

Old School, right opposite the top of Highfield.

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