St James' Church Sutton-on-Hull

St James' is a church where Jesus is central, the Bible is our guide and every person is important

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St James was a fisherman - this is his ancient scallop shell

The ever-popular


is now running again

Everyone Welcome

Bring your Unwanted Items


Get rid of all those items

that are of no further

use around the house



Do you enjoy singing? 

Would you like to join St James' Community Choir ? 

Fortnightly Rehearsals at 6.00pm on Fridays

Friday 7th February 2020

Friday 21st February 2020

Friday 6th March  2020

Friday 20th March  2020

Our church is open to all ~

we do hope you will join us

Everyone is welcome

We're sure anyone can sing better than these two!

We meet fortnightly to learn a repertoire

of music so we can support our congregational singing during special services

These two photos are

collages of the photos

taken at the Gloria's

installation service

all of which are now posted

on a new

Photos Page.

click either image to enlarge it


A Timetable of Weekly Events

held at St Mark's Church on Bellfield Ave

is now posted on the St Mark's page -

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There is a map to assist visitors to Sutton ;

use the link in the menu on the left.


past & present

12 Nov 2018
After the service
Gathering for prayer
The Procession
Reverend Gloria Naylor

You may have seen this couple around Sutton before,

but just can't place them.

They were well-known residents quite some years ago, and were very involved with

St James' Church. 

In fact, we think they may

have had a hand in building it.

If you happen to spot them,

please do say "Hello" for us.

Meeting friends
Happy Days