St James' Church Sutton-on-Hull

St James' is a church where Jesus is central, the Bible is our guide and every person is important


If you think you have a qualifying connection,

please telephone St James' Church Parish Office

to make an appointment to

discuss your proposed wedding. 

If you think you qualify and have been married before you will need to telephone the office to make an appointment to see the vicar after completing a 'Marriage After Divorce'

application form.

When you make your booking:

You will need to bring with you proof of your qualifying connection and proof of your ID, such as a valid passport, photo card driving licence with paper copy,

up-to-date utility bill, bank/credit card statement,

birth certificates, tenancy agreement, etc.

Letters written or typed concerning the above

will not be acceptable.


St James' Church Parish Office

is open to book appointments on

Monday, 10am to 1pm,

and Wednesday & Friday

between 10am and 12-noon

Tel 01482 703182